Detroit: Service Project

January 9, 2017

After a very late night, we struggled this morning to wake up at 5:45 and catch the people mover at 6:30 to our breakfast spot. "The Clique," a little hole in the wall with huge portions, had dishes ranging from salmon patties, grits, pancakes, berry toast, homemade hash, and a variety of skillets and omelets. We had a 15-minute walk to the restaurant and it was dark and cold, with a bit more snow on the ground. We actually left footprints in the snow!

After breakfast we went to Gleaners Food Bank for our service project. With 21 of us, we sorted 5 huge boxes of carrots, peas, corn, mixed veggies and green beans into 190 smaller boxes. That is about 4 tons of food and is going to help approximately 6,750 people. We worked for two hours!

After our service project, we went to University of Detroit Jesuit High School. It's an all-male high school from grades 7 - 12. Eight senior boys took our kids around for two hours and attended a class. Some of the different classes were AP art, English, theology and a religion class. The UofD students are reviewing for final exams next week so most of the classes were review. One guide had an AP computer science test, and he invited us to take the test with the rest of the class, but we politely declined. Most of our students really enjoyed UofD; they liked the relaxed feeling of the school.

Due to the super early morning, we relaxed before dinner. It has been awesome to see the group want to hang out together, since at the airport they were asking for each other's names and grade levels.

We rode the people-mover two stops for dinner. One group went to Hard Rock Cafe and the other ate Thai food. Both were very delicious. We tried walking around after dinner, but it was way too cold. The weather app told us it was 11 degrees but felt like 3 degrees. The wind chill factor is a real thing!