Saving the Best for Last: G-Term Day 3

G-Term Student Takeover Crew

January 6, 2017

The final day of G-Term marked a successful end to the engaging and experimental three-day-long session. Two days worth of hard work cumulated in projects, presentations, videos and interactions that bridged grade levels and campus borders. As put by Wreyn ’18, “G-Term really helped me to learn more about I can work better with people – not just learning about our environment but also learning about people in our community.”

“For a first time go, it’s been fairly successful and pretty smooth,” Sheryl Dare ’66, a member of the G-Term Assessment Team, commented. The Assessment Team was responsible for all things G-Term. They met every cycle to plan, work with teachers and discuss the goals of G-Term, and peeked into classes to observe as everything finally came together.

Each G-Term class put emphasis on one specific aspect from The Aims of a Punahou Education: Empathy, Curiosity, Resourcefulness, Collaboration, Persistence and Resilience, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Embracing Diversity at All Levels. G-Term fostered interaction between students of different grade levels and challenged participants to grow and learn outside of the typical classroom setting. “One of the things I loved the most was having ninth-, 10th-, 11th- and 12th-graders all together,” said Paul Hamamoto ’83, who mentored students in the “3-Day Film School” class.

Whether their class involved running outside, hiking, drawing, playing with dogs or sitting in a lecture, G-Term provided each student and faculty member that participated with a memorable and unique experience.

Principal McCarren, who ran her own G-Term class about reinventing the school dress code, reflected on the parts of G-Term that were most outstanding to her: “I’ve been really excited about the energy around campus. The diversity of things that kids are experiencing and the incredible work of our faculty and staff to make it happen has been deeply impressive to me.”

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has followed our coverage of G-Term, and to everyone who shared their own stories as well. We were honored to be able to bring you the latest and the greatest of G-Term and to serve as the very first Student Takeover Crew.

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–Alyssa '17, Tanisha '18, Jake '18, Quinne '18, Katelyn '20, Bella '20