Tangrams: Build a Life-Sized Wall

G-Term Student Takeover Crew

January 6, 2017

Second graders eagerly crowded around the giant tangram wall made by Academy students in the G-Term “Tangrams: Build a Life-Sized Wall.” High school and junior school students alike interacted with the colorful pieces, arranging them to form different shapes.

“It was fun because you could make new figures,” said Gemma ‘27. “I made a goose!” Kyndra ‘27 exclaimed. Teacher Natalie Hayashi commented, “It really sparked interest with the kids. They really loved it.”

It was a rewarding experience for the Academy students as well. “It was really engaging. You have to know how to interact so it’s a great learning experience,” said Kaitlyn ‘18. Avery ‘17 added that “working with the second graders was really fun.”

“We wanted a wall where students can go and just play with geometry,” explained Janet Oshiro ‘78, who organized the collaborative G-Term class.