Detroit: Cranbrook School and the Pistons

Taylor Wong '05, Faculty

January 5, 2017

Today was another event packed day! We started at 9 a.m. with a city tour with students from Cranbrook Schools. We drove all over the city seeing landmarks like eight-mile road, Highland Park, Barry Gordy's mansion and the car wash that Chaplain Scott worked at when he was growing up. We also stopped at a little place called TechTown. It is office spaces for rent, called an Incubator space, where small business and companies begin their journey.

We had lunch at Cranbrook in one of their libraries, yes, one of their libraries. Parts of this campus looked like Harry Potter - magical. Then, students from one of the faculty guide's classes took our kids around the campus. It was pretty neat to see our kids mingle with the Cranbrook students. They discussed everything from weather to dress code, to school schedules and traveling from one class, or campus, to another. We toured two of the museums that Cranbrook has on their campus. In the first museum, we went down into the vault to see some of the artwork that wasn't on display. I heard one of the Cranbrook students tell his teacher, "This is so cool! I'm a senior and I've never been down here before!" The second museum was a little more hands-on a geared towards schools. There were 8 different exhibits and the kids were free to roam around. Some of the exhibits were about balance, fossils, minerals and jewels, creatures, water, dinosaurs and birds.

We had dinner at the Cranbrook cafeteria, which was delicious, quite gourmet. Cranbrook consists of two different campuses. Back in the day, the school used to be a girls campus, Kingswood, and a boys campus, Cranbrook. In the 1980s, they merged the two campuses to make it coed. Now, freshmen and sophomore English classes are still single-sex to help them transition from middle school. The science and language classes are on the Cranbrook campus, while other classes such as English and history are on the Kingswood campus. So, there are buses that take the kids from campus to campus in between classes. The walk can take up to 15 minutes, and although the cross country team can make it within 9 minutes, most people prefer the school bus.

Our evening ended at the Detroit Pistons basketball game. We were in the upper section, but had a wonderful birds-eye view of the court. We enjoyed watching the Jumbotron pick on the crowd. The game was exciting at the end. The Pistons blew an 18-point lead and it came down to the last minute, but thankfully they won!