San Francisco G-Term: Crossing the Creek

Dillyn ‘20 and Hailey ‘18

January 5, 2017

San Domenico is a k-12 school, very similar to Punahou. We drove through a portion of their beautiful 500-acre campus to the garden. It has been worked on for over 15 years to its glory today. Aunty Shelley Flint, director of Sustainability as well as the teacher of the gardening program, enlightened us about each delightful corner the garden has to offer, including the Sleepy Hollow creek running past the garden, which only runs in the winter. She then gave us a tour of the high school and many of the opportunities present. We met a few students and teachers. One teacher attended UH Mānoa and was at the first launching of Hōkūleʻa.

To get back to the garden, we took a detour through the backwoods of the school on a forest trail. It was wonderful to see a birdʻs eye view of the campus, including the undeveloped surrounding foothills and land, something we donʻt get to see very often in Hawaiʻi. Upon arrival at the garden, we realized we had no planned way of crossing the creek. By utilizing nearby resources and brainstorming, together we were able to successfully help each other cross. Aunty Shelly generously offered lunch to us, provided by the schoolʻs almost 100% locally sourced and organic cafeteria, and we were able to talk to some of the students. We learned about their school and social lives, and by doing so we were able to both connect with them and realized our similarities and differences.

After, we took the ferry from Sausalito back to Fishermanʻs Wharf in the San Francisco downtown area. It was such a beautiful opportunity to be on the water and view the famous bridges of San Francisco. We were able to take a break from our hard work of spreading Mālama Honua and learning from others, and visited Ghirardelli Square. For dinner, we ate at Boudin's Sourdough bread factory restaurant. We walked through their bread museum, and learned about the history of the bakery. Some of us tried the world famous clam chowder bread bowl.

At the hotel, as one ʻohana, we had a very deep and purposeful discussion about everything from empathy to society. This discussion was very emotional for all of us, as we realized more about ourselves, as well as our world. From this experience, we thought about messages that could help us become the best version of ourselves.

These poems were inspired by our visit to the garden at San Domenico School.

Fairy Garden
By Hailey Zane ‘18

Red woods replaced by Oaks,
Ancient replaced by technology.
Yet the magic still lingers
Dancing through the breeze
As the waters of Sleepy Hollow Creek splash about.
Golden leaves with red hues flutter as they float down
Bringing life to the sleeping garden below
So when spring comes
Everything will flourish once again.

Hand in Hand
By Dillyn Lietzke ‘20

With open arms
Hand in hand
We helped each other
cross the creek

All minds put together
All hands working
We crossed the treacherous creek

Imagine if all the people
In the world
Put their minds together and
Put their hands to work

We could solve any problem
In the world