Detroit: Arrival and a Museum!

Taylor Wong '05, Faculty

January 3, 2017

We finally landed in Detroit after about 8 hours of flying and 3 hours waiting. Most of us struggled to sleep on the plane and we are all pretty groggy as we waited first in Chicago and now in Detroit for the bus to pick us up and take us to the hotel. Before we arrived in Detroit, we were getting pretty warm in our boots and long sleeves and thought we were over-prepared for the cold weather. But now that we are in Detroit, the 40 degree weather isn't so scary!

We had our first bump in the road right when we landed in Detroit. The motorbus company that we ordered did not send the correct size bus. We all wheeled our bags out to where the bus was picking us up, but we immediately knew the bus was not going to fit 21 people and their luggage. While the cool air felt great for the first few minutes, (we saw our breath!) we ended up pulling out our thick jackets, scarves, gloves and hats.

So, we are sitting here waiting for the bus motorcar to take us to the hotel. Our first, and only stop, is the African American History Museum. Our tour is at 1:30 p.m. And we made it!! We were able to quickly drop our bags off at the hotel and then head back out.

The museum was called the "Charles Wright Museum of African American History.” Our tour took us about on and a half hours. It was called "and still we rise". The exhibit took us through the history of slavery. Here are some of the student reactions:

- "It was a way more intense experience to learn about slavery. The life size mannequins and records were helpful"

- "Engaging and walking through the different periods of time made it feel like we were really walking through history"

- "Different backstories and underlying history to slavery"

- "Connected real world history to our academic studies"

- "Good experience to meet the people and learn how they were directly involved"

- "Greed and selfishness drove slavery"

The kids were troopers. We were all exhausted and fighting tired eyes. But our guide was awesome! He was extremely energetic, lively and captured our attention.

The temperature was manageable today. But tomorrow and the days following are supposed to be in the 20s. Detroit natives are telling us it is supposed to snow, but Mr. Kaya has been checking the weather forecast, and it says 0% precipitation. So we shall see!