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  • 2017 Commencement Address

    President Jim Scott ’70
    Posted August 7, 2017

    In 2009, as you were approaching middle school, the national and local economy was in a tailspin. During that time of financial, personal, and professional uncertainty – when no one knew where the bottom might be during that economic free-fall – your parents and your families made a decision to keep you at Punahou – or to send you to Punahou. Many of you with the support of some financial assistance from the School.

  • President Jim Scott Announces Intent to Retire

    Posted May 2, 2017

    Dr. James Kapae‘alii Scott announced today his intention to retire as president of Punahou School at the end of the 2018 – 2019 school year. “It is with deep gratitude to Punahou School for my experience over the past 23 years,” said Scott, anticipating completing a 25-year tenure in 2019.

  • Our Compass During Uncertainty

    Posted March 30, 2017

    Our country has emerged from a national election that resulted in the current climate of ongoing political divisiveness and general uncertainty.

  • Broadening Our Definition of Success

    Posted December 23, 2016

    In presenting each Punahou graduating class their diplomas at Commencement, we typically describe their impressive achievement in academics, athletics, the arts and service to the community. The Punahou School Profile that accompanies a student’s transcript to colleges highlights the impressive concentration of academic talent within their graduating class.

  • He Au Hou – A New Time, a New Tide

    Posted September 28, 2016

    As we look at this year and to the years ahead, I hope we can build upon the momentum of our 175th anniversary celebration to continue to reach out, connect and engage our alumni across the world. This not only helps to formalize a valuable Punahou network for our future graduates, but it also helps us to imagine the next 25 years.

  • Our Wish for You

    Posted July 31, 2016

    Seniors, in a few moments you will be Punahou graduates! You are about to join the ranks of the tens of thousands of educated men and women who came before you, who have marched down the aisle and crossed the stage at their Punahou graduation to claim their diploma for the past 174 years.

  • 2016 Commencement Address

    President Jim Scott ’70
    Posted July 29, 2016

    Seniors, in presenting you for your diplomas, Dr. McCarren did not describe you as an impressive collection of individuals. Rather, she described you as an impressive graduating class. Certainly the evidence of your senior year and throughout your years here makes a case that you are one of the most accomplished Punahou graduating classes in recent memory. You also may be the most economically diverse.

  • New Paradigm for Education Puts Children at the Center of Learning

    Posted May 29, 2016

    As published in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Education is at a crossroads. While educators have been anxiously watching the signs for some time, we are witnessing our graduates experience the reality of their education becoming irrelevant.

  • Ku‘u Punahou

    Posted March 22, 2016

    My Punahou is a place unlike any other in the world, with a rich history deeply rooted in Hawai‘i. It is the beautiful lands of the New Spring and the learning environments they have nourished for 175 years. It is a place that has nurtured generations of children as they grow into young adults ready to enter the world with confidence, passion and purpose.

  • A Welcome for New Citizens

    Posted March 8, 2016

    My fellow Americans! Each of you has worked hard to earn the right to hear those words, so I want to say them again: My Fellow Americans!


Dr. James Kapae`alii Scott '70
President, 1994 – Present

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