Class of 2011

Elaine Nishime

April 26, 2017

My son was asked to play piano as accompanist for the Class of 2011's Senior Chapel. The song chosen was "End of the Road," originally done by Boys II Men. I had had the pleasure to listen to him practice, practice, practice. Senior Chapel is not an event parents are invited to. It's somewhat of a moment for the graduates. But...I really wanted to hear him play. The afternoon of the Class of 2011 Senior Chapel, I went to Thurston and sat on a lower bench at the foot of the stairs by the pond. I could not hear what the program was about, but I could hear the music. When my son started to play, tears rolled down my face as I listened to my son play such a poignant song so fitting as the end of his road at Punahou was settling upon him. The next year at the 2012 Punahou Carnival Art Gallery, architect and artist, Larry G. Segion had contributed a pen and watercolor piece. I had to have it. It was Thurston Chapel rendered from the exact perspective I had from that bench that day. I love that I have a beautiful watercolor of Thurston Chapel on my wall. Many times I have paused to really look at this piece and recall the sweet memory of such a special day and special place.


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