Winne Units and Chapel

Joan Helbling, Winne Units Faculty (1974 – 1998)

April 26, 2017

The Punahou Chapel Program was such a meaningful component of our students’ learning in the Winne Units. It provided both character education and an opportunity to grow more confident in oral presentations. Especially memorable were Easter and Christmas programs. My second-graders, with the help of Elaine Blitman, Paris Kim, Rob Harley, BeeBee Freitas, my daughter, Robin and Ari Diamond retold the Easter Story through art (torn paper mural), music, choral reading and creative dramatics. Zach Browning was in my class that year. We all felt so proud when Zach's grandfather, Bishop Browning, told our class that it was the best retelling of the Easter story that he had ever seen. It had been a labor of love and cooperation, exactly what our Punahou Chapel stands for...never end a sentence with a preposition..oh why not? I will always be thankful to have taken part in Chapel Programs in the Thurston Memorial Chapel.


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