Thurston Chapel was the scene of many meaningful occasions in my Punahou life!

Judy Wieting Becker Healy

April 26, 2017

My first year teaching at Punahou was 1972, and I was awed by the faculty gathering held in the beautiful Chapel during Orientation Week. What a wonderful way to begin each school year! Thurston Chapel soon became one of my favorite places on campus, for some of the reasons below. My kindergarten classes (Wilcox E) and I loved the monthly services held in Thurston Chapel with Chaplains Steele and Heidel officiating. My students looked adorable wearing white cottas with big red bows when it was Wilcox E's turn to be in charge of Chapel. My husband Win and I were married June 24, 1976, in Thurston Chapel, with Than ’87 and Sarah ’89 participating in the wedding ceremony. Friends, fellow junior school teachers, my ’75 - ’76 class of kindergartners, and Win's faculty attended. Over the years, I loved attending our children's yearly programs in Thurston and benefitting from Beebe's marvelously talented accompaniment. I enjoyed attending Marion's yoga classes in the back of the Chapel. I did playground duty on the outdoor area around the Chapel when I taught in Castle Hall in the ’90s. Often I sought beauty and contemplation sitting by the Lily Pond during weekends when the campus was more quiet. Christmas Eve service at the Chapel was a treasured tradition in the Healy family. If we had company visiting, we loved to bring them along too. Campus children often were chosen to usher or do a reading, so it added to our special memories the years that one or more of our four children participated in the service. We attended weddings of the children of our colleagues and also weddings of Win's and my former students. I was hopeful that at least one of our own four children would be wed in Thurston Chapel, but they were all married on the mainland. Every May for over 25 years I looked forward to the Aloha Tea held in Thurston Chapel. Always a very personal and touching event, it embodied its name well, for it was imbued with Aloha. The memorial service for Win in Hawaii in August 2013 was held in Thurston Chapel. It was very special for our family to be able to honor Win in the Chapel and for each of us to reconnect there with friends, fellow faculty, former students, classmates, and many of the teachers our children had throughout their years at Punahou.


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