Chapel Memories

In celebration of Thurston Memorial Chapel’s 50th anniversary, the Punahou community is invited to share personal memories of the Chapel. Here is a collection of the stories and memories received so far.

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  • Our Wedding: July 3, 1989

    Bob ’52 and Carol Vieira
    Posted April 26, 2017

    Yes, we sure remember the Chapel that day! With 350 of our very good friends and top Business Execs in town attending our wedding in the Chapel -- not to mention that our State's first Governor William Quinn and his wife, Nancy, were in attendance. A classic car parade to the Outrigger Canoe Club reception followed. What a wedding! We are still paying for it. Then-chaplain John Heidel performed the service. Great memories.

  • Chaplain Rewick

    Stephany Rewick '68
    Posted April 26, 2017

    What a wonderful celebration! I wish I had clearer recollections of the planning, and building of the chapel, which I know my father, Chaplain Kenneth O. Rewick so delighted in. Truly it was the realization of his long awaited dream for a sacred space to be created on the campus. How honored, blessed and humbled he must have been to experience walking for the first time to the altar, to open the large Bible, with which he always began our Chapel services.

  • Magic Penny

    Shayna Ching ’93 Kusumoto
    Posted April 26, 2017

    Singing “Love is something if you give it away … it’s just like a magic penny, hold it tight and you won’t have any. Lend it, spend it and you’ll have so many, it will roll all over the floor”; candlebearers; singing “May the road rise to meet you … ”; Chaplain Shoemaker and Chaplain Heidel; so many memories in this place! Memories surrounding the Chapel include fishing for tadpoles, jumping to the island, squirting our orange peel acid onto the surface of the Lily Pond water and watching the rainbow. Our childhood wouldn’t be the same without the Thurston Memorial Chapel and the beautiful water and grounds that surround it!

  • Married in Thurston Memorial Chapel

    Richard ’59 and Sandra Folk ’59 Ednie
    Posted April 26, 2017

    Richard and Sandra Folk Ednie, classmates in the Class of 1959, were married by Reverend Kenneth Rewick on March 11, 1967, one of the first couples to be married in the Chapel. March 11, 2017, marked their 50th anniversary.

  • Earl Bakken in Chapel

    John Bridges, Former Band Director
    Posted April 26, 2017

    Earl Bakken, early pioneer in the development of the Pacemaker, addressed Chapel with an inspiring and unforgettable story of his youth. He recounted how, as a boy, he had gotten into serious trouble and almost faced expulsion from school when he developed a device using a coil from an auto engine and a cattle prod to shock some students who were bullying him. A wise counselor advised him to find a way to use his talent to help people rather than to hurt them, and he dedicated his life to exactly that! At that point, the company he formed held more patents on Pacemaker improvements than any other.

  • Fish and Glass

    Tay Sandoz ’86
    Posted April 26, 2017

    I remember for many of my formative years enjoying the ability to scan weekly, from my designated pew, the incredible styling of the Thurston Chapel, while meditating on the soft, encouraging voice of Chaplain Heidel. My gaze would inevitably drift from the subtle light and shadow casting out from the cross over the alter, to the assured lava rock walls around, but would always eventually rest on that exquisite juxtaposition of bright pieces of colored stained glass mingling with counterpart flashes from the mesmerizing carp below, free to enter and escape this beautiful place of peace and worship. This Chapel, and its signature Lily Pond spring, are truly the cornerstone of my early Punahou experience.

  • Singing Singing Singing

    Kehau Kali ’87 Berquist
    Posted April 26, 2017

    My memories of Chapel include many songs and singing loudly. I loved singing all those songs and remember them fondly. I've attended weddings and memorial services there. Besides fond memories of catching up with friends, I remember how good I felt singing songs in there and the music.

  • Class of 2011

    Elaine Nishime
    Posted April 26, 2017

    My son was asked to play piano as accompanist for the Class of 2011's Senior Chapel. The song chosen was "End of the Road," originally done by Boys II Men. I had had the pleasure to listen to him practice, practice, practice. Senior Chapel is not an event parents are invited to. It's somewhat of a moment for the graduates. But...I really wanted to hear him play. The afternoon of the Class of 2011 Senior Chapel, I went to Thurston and sat on a lower bench at the foot of the stairs by the pond. I could not hear what the program was about, but I could hear the music. When my son started to play, tears rolled down my face as I listened to my son play such a poignant song so fitting as the end of his road at Punahou was settling upon him. The next year at the 2012 Punahou Carnival Art Gallery, architect and artist, Larry G. Segion had contributed a pen and watercolor piece. I had to have it. It was Thurston Chapel rendered from the exact perspective I had from that bench that day. I love that I have a beautiful watercolor of Thurston Chapel on my wall. Many times I have paused to really look at this piece and recall the sweet memory of such a special day and special place.

  • Winne Units and Chapel

    Joan Helbling, Winne Units Faculty (1974 – 1998)
    Posted April 26, 2017

    The Punahou Chapel Program was such a meaningful component of our students’ learning in the Winne Units. It provided both character education and an opportunity to grow more confident in oral presentations. Especially memorable were Easter and Christmas programs. My second-graders, with the help of Elaine Blitman, Paris Kim, Rob Harley, BeeBee Freitas, my daughter, Robin and Ari Diamond retold the Easter Story through art (torn paper mural), music, choral reading and creative dramatics. Zach Browning was in my class that year. We all felt so proud when Zach's grandfather, Bishop Browning, told our class that it was the best retelling of the Easter story that he had ever seen. It had been a labor of love and cooperation, exactly what our Punahou Chapel stands for...never end a sentence with a preposition..oh why not? I will always be thankful to have taken part in Chapel Programs in the Thurston Memorial Chapel.

  • Thurston Chapel was the scene of many meaningful occasions in my Punahou life!

    Judy Wieting Becker Healy
    Posted April 26, 2017

    My first year teaching at Punahou was 1972, and I was awed by the faculty gathering held in the beautiful Chapel during Orientation Week. What a wonderful way to begin each school year! Thurston Chapel soon became one of my favorite places on campus, for some of the reasons below. My kindergarten classes (Wilcox E) and I loved the monthly services held in Thurston Chapel with Chaplains Steele and Heidel officiating. My students looked adorable wearing white cottas with big red bows when it was Wilcox E's turn to be in charge of Chapel. My husband Win and I were married June 24, 1976, in Thurston Chapel, with Than ’87 and Sarah ’89 participating in the wedding ceremony. Friends, fellow junior school teachers, my ’75 - ’76 class of kindergartners, and Win's faculty attended. Over the years, I loved attending our children's yearly programs in Thurston and benefitting from Beebe's marvelously talented accompaniment. (Click title to read more...)