Campus Master Plan


  • Laying the Foundation for the Learning Commons

    Posted November 8, 2017

    A quick look at the construction site of Phase 1b shows pockets of rebar sprouting from recently poured concrete foundations. The project remains on schedule to be completed and ready for opening in fall 2019.

  • Construction Proceeds On Solid Footing

    Posted September 19, 2017

    Construction on the second half of Phase 1b has continued unabated throughout the summer and into the school year. A milestone was reached last week with the first pouring of concrete for the foundation.


Following the successful completion of Mamiya Science Center, Case Middle School and Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood, Punahou updated its Campus Master Plan in 2013 to initiate the next chapter in reimagining Punahou's learning environments for the 21st century. The international planning firm, Belt Collins Hawaii LLC, worked with the Board of Trustees and administration to translate the vision and the needs of the School into a comprehensive plan that contemplates Punahou’s 76-acre campus in its entirety.

The Campus Master Plan envisions an approach to learning that is creative, adaptive and collaborative, and a campus design that reaffirms Ka Punahou as the heart of campus. The plan is guided by the following principles:

  • Develop a physical campus environment that supports and honors the individual learning journey of each student
  • Celebrate Ka Punahou as the historic, geographical and spiritual center of campus, and promote architectural and landscape design that creates a sense of place
  • Maximize green and open space, with shared space in the campus core as a unifying feature
  • Reinforce the arts as a core value in the educational process
  • Build to the highest levels of green design, while integrating teaching into all aspects of campus planning

Campus Master Plan projects will be implemented in phases:

Phase 1

Phase 1 encompasses the redevelopment of the grades 2 – 5 neighborhood following the successful experience of Case Middle School and Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood, where programs have inspired facility design that is flexible and student-centered. The architectural firm Design Partners Incorporated has been selected to work with the School on this project over the coming years.

Phase 1A

Realignment of Piper’s Pali

The realignment of Piper’s Pali toward the Diamond Head edge of campus will create additional space for the future grades 2 – 5 facilities. Road construction work is scheduled to begin in late July of 2014, with completion targeted for spring of 2015. The majority of road construction will occur while the existing trajectory of Piper’s Pali is still in use, allowing traffic to continue using it until the new road is opened.

Construction of First Four Classroom Studios

Construction of the first four of seven total two-story studios in the new grades 2 – 5 neighborhood will begin in March of 2015. These four studios will house 16 of 28 new classrooms, which are scheduled to be opened for the 2016 – 2017 school year. In preparation for the construction, Winne Elementary Units C and D will be removed during this phase.

Phase 1B

Remaining Construction of Grades 2 – 5 Neighborhood

Following Phase 1A, construction will begin in the remaining 3 studios (12 classrooms), the K – 8 Learning Commons and the visual and performing arts building. The completion date for Phase 1B is currently “to be determined.”

Beyond Phase 1

Subsequent phases will consolidate the music program and develop a global education neighborhood, among other projects, and be carried out over the next decade. The plan will also include repurposing some facilities and addressing additional Academy classroom needs.


How will the construction affect our students?

Punahou is careful to reduce the impact of construction on the campus community. We have planned carefully for the transition process – as we did when building Case Middle School and Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood. There will be no temporary classroom structures, building changes will be kept to a minimum, and safety and noise will be carefully managed.

What is the transition schedule for current and incoming students?

All current students in grades 2 – 5 will attend classes in existing buildings (Winne Units and Castle Hall) or the new facilities; no temporary structures will be used as classrooms during construction. The classes of 2027 and 2026 will be the first to enter the new facilities, as second- and third-graders in the 2016 – 2017 school year, according to anticipated construction timelines.

What is the timeline for the Campus Master Plan?

The Campus Master Plan is a multi-phase plan and each phase is approximately two years long. The entire plan is expected to take roughly one decade to complete.

Phase 1 began with the re-alignment of Piper’s Pali, which started in the summer of 2014 and will continue with the construction of the new facilities for grades 2 – 5. The completion date of Phase 1 is currently “to be determined.”

Has the entire plan been approved?

Not yet. The Board of Trustees endorsed the Campus Master Plan in 2013. Specific decisions regarding facilities (new and old) will be made in phases based on factors that include curricular need and available funding. All of these decisions will be grounded in the Campus Master Plan’s guiding principles.

What will happen to the Winne Units?

With a decision by the Punahou Board of Trustees in May of 2014, the Winne Units will be replaced with the new 2 – 5 neighborhood in Phase 1 of the Campus Master Plan. This phase is expected to take 3 – 4 years to complete.

How will Punahou preserve the best of the Winne Units in the future 2 – 5 neighborhood?

Vladimir Ossipoff’s design principle for Winne was “unity of the outdoors and adaptability to progress.” As in the Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood, it has been a primary principle in the design of the 2 – 5 neighborhood.

Punahou will integrate key elements and materials from Winne, like its blue stone and other iconic features, in the construction of the new neighborhood.

A vibrant outdoor environment and additional features, including an imu and hale, will expand the Hawaiian Studies that are an integral part of a child’s 2 – 5 journey at Punahou.

Planning is underway to capture and honor the stories and memories of Winne students and teachers alike so they become part of the ongoing story of Punahou.

What will happen to Castle Hall?

Phase 4 of the Campus Master Plan envisions a significant increase in green space for our central campus, which entails the removal of Castle Hall. This decision, which was approved by the Punahou Board of Trustees in May 2014, will also connect Case Middle School to the campus center.

Castle Hall was originally built as a girls’ dormitory, with those uses and needs in mind. As educational approaches have changed, so has the understanding of the impact of space and design in a student’s learning experience.

Punahou is committed to finding ways to honor and recognize its heritage and contribution to Punahou.


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